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This site details every book written by Ruth Artmonsky and those written with others and the complete collection of books of quotations collected with her sister Naomi Beth Wakan.

Ruth Artmonsky on a train

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Ruth Artmonsky's background is in statistical and occupational psychology. After taking a degree in economics and social work, Artmonsky began her career assisting a psychologist in Wandsworth Prison. She took a second degree in psychology while working at the National Institute of Industrial Psychology and then set up a careers and testing service for further education colleges in London for the G.L.C. In 1977 she helped to found Saville and Holdsworth Limited, a consultancy that developed psychometric tests for business. They started in a spare room and a garage, became a roaring success and went on to open offices around the world. 'It's really helped being a psychologist,' she says, 'because although I wasn't a lunatic fringe psychologist or a therapist, I'm interested in the human angle of advertising.'

To date she has written 33 books, edited 9 books of quotations and 4 books on careers.

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